Evaluation in Practice Summit

Evaluation in Practice Summit March 14-15, 2017 | Toronto, ON

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The Evaluation in Practice Summit was the exciting culmination of a two year IMPACT program intiative. Participants from IMPACT courses reconvened to share their ideas and practice building on their learnings throughout the year. The Summit took place in Toronto on March 14, 2017 and featured a dynamic mix of networking, facilitated discussions, case study presentations, and plenary sessions.

The Summit was intended to encourage participants to share their organizational stories, learnings and new practices in M&E in both facilitated and informal break-out sessions.

The Summit kicked off with a plenary session focused on M&E for Change which explored connecting learnings generated from robust M&E to changing lives and changing minds.

The plenary was followed by a round of thought-provoking and facilitated topical group discussion sessions.

This lead to a networking lunch, the first half of the afternoon featured an exhibition session, where IMPACT Participants from select organizations presented case studies of new and improved M&E practices.

The second half of the afternoon featured the “unconference session” where participants had the opportunity to discuss and seek feedback on their own practices through an open sharing session.

The Summit concluded with a closing session led by Gender Equality expert Karen Craggs-Milne, called M&E for Transformation.

Participants were invited to stay for a evening networking event featuring the launch of OCIC’s eMagazine iAM Volume 8: Measure What Matters which was held after the Summit.

Event Details

OCIC IMPACT Evaluation in Practice Summit
When: March 14, 2017
Where: 192 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON.

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IMPACT is OCIC’s three-course training initiative that builds organizational capacity to better conceive, conduct, and communicate the impact of sustainable international cooperation and community development initiatives.

IMPACT’s online learning streams help Ontario non-profits improve their understanding of comprehensive program evaluation, increase their ability for monitoring and assessing progress, and strengthen their capacity for analyzing and communicating results.

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Questions? For more information about the OCIC IMPACT Evaluation in Practice Summit, contact info@ocic.on.ca | 416.972.6303