About Us

About Us

Ontario’s hub for events and opportunities that promote global social justice and equity for all

The Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC) is an expanding community of Ontario-based international cooperation and global citizenship-focused organizations, institutions, and individual associate members committed to working for global social justice, human dignity and participation for all.

Our Vision

Global social justice, human dignity and participation for all.

Our Mission

As a Council, OCIC strives to increase the effectiveness and collective impact of all our members’ efforts to promote sustainable, people-centred development in a peaceful and healthy environment. OCIC is committed to principles of fair and equitable cooperative international development and promotes public engagement that helps Canadians develop a global perspective and take action for social justice.

Our Mandate

OCIC encourages the development of the Ontario international development and global education sectors and sharing of resources between OCIC members by providing forums for networking, communications and collaborative reflection and action, and facilitating capacity building in public engagement and organizational development. OCIC is a learning organization with inclusive, cooperative and participatory processes that are accessible and accountable to all members.

Our Strategic Plan (2018-2023)

The overall OCIC Theory of Change represents an integration of individual Theories of Change for OCIC’s three Strategic Directions, understood as interdependent domains of change in which OCIC operates.

Strengthen Capacity

OCIC supports our members in being leaders of good development, adapting to change, and developing innovative solutions to global poverty challenges.

Increase Multi-Sectoral Dialogue

OCIC brings together sectoral leaders and practitioners, issue-specific experts, advocates, academics, funders and private sector actors to better understand and leverage perspectives, expertise and resources.