Impact: Building Organizational Capacity in Comprehensive Program Evaluation

OCIC’s IMPACT program was a three-course training initiative that builds organizational capacity to better conceive, conduct, and communicate the impact of sustainable international cooperation and community development initiatives.

IMPACT’s online learning streams helped Ontarian non-profits improve their understanding of comprehensive program evaluation, increased their ability for monitoring and assessing progress, and strengthened their capacity for analyzing and communicating results.

IMPACT Learning Stream Synopsis

Stream A icon: Three silhouettes connected to a single thought bubble with gears inside of it. Stream B icon: Silhouette of a person with a clipboard speaking to two other people. Stream C icon: Silhouette of a person with a speech bubble at top centre, addressing a group of three people.

Stream A: Conceptualizing Comprehensive Program Evaluation
Conceptualizing Comprehensive Program Evaluation introduced key concepts in program evaluation, including identifying purpose, securing stakeholders’ buy-in, identifying required tools, and considering feasibility. Participants improved their capacity to develop and integrate risk assessment and mitigation approaches, and increase their understanding and use of benchmarking in their program evaluation practice.

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Stream B: Impact Assessment Methodologies and Practice 
Impact Assessment Methodologies and Practice enhanced participants’ capacity to monitor and access progress, and to understand when to adopt new monitoring and evaluation methodologies, such as the Logical Framework Approach, Most Significant Change, Appreciative Inquiry, Value for Money, Social Impact Assessment, and use of counterfactuals. Participants learned when and how to use surveys, focus groups, interviews and counterfactuals, effectively.

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Stream C: Articulating Impact to Diverse Audiences 
Articulating Impact to Diverse Audiences introduced data analysis and interpretation techniques using accessible tools, and improved participants’ use of data visualization and storytelling to highlight impact. Participants also gained insights on how to use findings in making decisions, in organizational development, and in demonstrating success, achievements and impact on their social missions.

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IMPACT Evaluation in Practice Summit – March 14, 2017

OCIC hosted the IMPACT Evaluation in Practice Summit on March 14, 2017 at the Center for Social Innovation at 192 Spadina Avenue. The Summit was an opportunity for IMPACT participants to share the knowledge and skills gained through the IMPACT program and how they have transformed their organizational practices with respect to how they conceive, conduct and communicate the impact of the work they do.

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