This Being Human: Live at the Aga Khan Museum with Deeyah Khan

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This live recording of the Aga Khan Museum’s podcast, This Being Human, features host Abdul-Rehman Malik in conversation with filmmaker Deeyah Khan.

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In collaboration with the Global Centre for Pluralism, this live recording of the Museum’s podcast, This Being Human, features host Abdul-Rehman Malik in conversation with Deeyah Khan. Khan will share her experience as a documentary filmmaker and activist countering extremism and fostering understanding and empathy across ideological, religious, and racial divides. Born in Norway to Muslim immigrant parents, Khan’s experience of the beauty and the challenges of living between different cultures shapes her creative vision, informing the emotional honesty and humanity which characterizes her films.

Deeyah Khan is a laureate of the 2023 Global Pluralism Award, which recognizes pluralism in action. Presented every other year to individuals, organizations, governments, and businesses from around the world, the Award celebrates the inspiring and brave work that is helping to build more inclusive societies where diversity is valued and protected. The Award is conferred by the Global Centre for Pluralism, an independent, charitable organization founded by His Highness the Aga Khan and the Government of Canada, and is made possible in part by the generous support of TD Bank Group.

Submissions are now open for the 2025 Global Pluralism Award

About Deeyah Khan
Documentary director and producer Deeyah Khan has won two Emmys, a BAFTA, an RTS and two Peabody Awards in over a decade of making empathetic and unflinching films which deal with some of the most important and polarizing issues confronting the world today; extremism, violence against women, inequality, racism, and social exclusion. Through seven documentary films and Fuuse, a production company she founded in 2010, Khan has explored — and sometimes defused — many facets of extremism. She has facilitated dialogue with jihadists, members of armed militia groups, American domestic terrorists, white supremacists, anti-abortion activists, perpetrators of intimate partner violence, and even murderers. Along with her profound courage, Khan’s approach relies on listening with curiosity and empathy to locate the humanity behind hateful rhetoric and to find common ground.
About Abdul-Rehman Malik
Abdul-Rehman Malik is an award-winning journalist, educator, and cultural organizer. Currently Lecturer and Associate Research Scholar at the Yale Divinity School, he also serves as the Program Coordinator for Cultural Literacy programming at Yale University’s Council on Middle East Studies and also serves as Director of the Muslim Leadership Lab, an innovative student leadership program. Over the past 25 years, Abdul-Rehman’s work has spanned the UK, United States, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sudan, Mali, Morocco, Singapore, Canada, and Malaysia. His travels, journalism, and writing have taken him even farther afield. With a passion for storytelling, Malik works at the intersection of arts and social change and is committed to building Muslim cultural capital, cultural leadership, and supporting cutting-edge artistic production.
About This Being Human
Presented in partnership with TVO, This Being Human is an arts and culture podcast devoted to amplifying the voices of leaders and redefining what it means to be Muslim in today’s world. Through expert storytelling and thoughtfully cast interviews, the series aims to break down stereotypes, highlight connections between cultures, and uncover new insights into the human condition.

Please note this event will be filmed. Audience members may be recorded.

This Being Human is Presented in partnership with TVO

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