Results Based Management Course by Spur Change

Practising Results based management (RBM)

RBM 101
  • An Introduction to RBM
  • 3 Hour Time Commitment
  • Self-Paced and 100% Virtual
  • Completely Free

About the Course

This self-paced eLearning course covers basic RBM concepts, how RBM can be applied and provides participants with hands-on practise using basic RBM tools. This course is out-of-this world as it uses gamification, storytelling and a science-fiction theme to spark your interest and to facilitate learning.

If you work for a Canadian small or medium organization (SMO) involved in global development, then this course is for you!

What You Will Learn

Our learning guides, Prami and Kroja, along with the entire Peace & Play team, will take you through a co-operative building exercise on their world using RBM tools and methods, helping you to learn:

  • Why RMB matters
  • The key aspects of results chains
  • The logic model and theory of change
  • How to build an effective results framework and M&E framework
  • How to take a Participatory Approach to RBM
  • How to integrate gender equality at each phase
Time Expectations and The Learning Experience
The total duration of the course is 3 hours.

It is recommended that you work in 10- to 20-minute periods, to maximize your learning experience. You can log-off in between sections, and the program will save your place.

Special accommodations are available for people who are visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing including:

  • Transcripts of all course material
  • A special section of the Guided Tour that points out accommodation features
  • The course is compatible with Screen Reading Software like JAWS and NVDA. Click here for a how-to guide when using JAWS with this course.

You will receive a certificate of completion from Spur Change once you pass the final assessment.

For more information, click here.

RBM 201
  • Advancing Your Skills in RBM
  • 3 Day Workshop
  • Facilitated and 100% Virtual
  • Free for Eligible SMOs

About the Workshop

OCIC, in partnership with Spur Change, is pleased to offer our members and all eligible small and medium-sized organizations (SMOs) in Ontario a workshop on Results-Based Management (RBM). This national workshop, developed in collaboration with Baastel, will be a practical hands-on experience for participants to strengthen their capacities in RBM.

This course will contribute to a better understanding of RBM through application of the concepts learned during RBM 101 Practising Results-Based Management: An Introductory Course (successful completion of RBM 101 course is mandatory). This virtual workshop is available to the council’s members and other SMOs on the council’s territory.

Objectives of This Training Series
  • To equip Canadian SMOs with the knowledge and skills to apply Results-based management (RBM) principles, standards, tools, processes and best practices in the context of Canadian SMOs
  • To allow participants to apply their learning, and deepen their skills and understanding of RBM in a collaborative setting
  • To reinforce participants capacities to integrate gender sensitive, responsive, and transformative approaches

Participants will apply learning through case studies, examples, group activities and discussions to apply the different elements of RBM.

Online Series

Participants will attend three online sessions for a total of 9 hours (3h session x 3 sessions). Participants will be required to complete learning activities prior to each session. This training series will take place from November 2 – 4, 9am to 12pm EST 

Deadline to register: Participants have until October 19th to register.

Selection Process

There is a maximum of 25 spots available, each qualified SMO can have up to two representatives participate. OCIC and Spur Change will monitor the selection process. The organization should select participants for whom this training is most relevant.


Free for eligible SMOs. See criteria for SMOs at the bottom of this page.