Management Advisor

Position: Management Advisor

Employer: Cuso International

Location: Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

Deadline: January 20, 2018

Employment Type: Volunteer

Position Level: Mid Level

Salary Range:

Closing Date: January 20, 2018

Full Description

Brief Description:

As the Management Advisor for the National Federation of Cooperatives of Persons with Disability (NFCPWD), you will play a key role in re-stabilizing the National Federation, to ensure the sustainability of the organization, which provide business opportunities and income to its members. The Organization is recovering after experiencing a financial mismanagement from the previous administration; its confidence has been shaken, but it is still committed to growing and expanding. As a result, NFCPWD is now operating with a smaller team, and have the massive task of rebuilding the Organization and its credibility.

Initially, you will guide and support NFCPWD management team through the process of analyzing its management ability and capacity, review of NFCPWD’s strategic plan, its commitment, type of leadership and support the Organization is looking to provide to its cooperative members. You will help the National Federation to expand its membership of PWD and be recognized as a credible representative at national, regional, provincial and local level.

Your role will evolve and you will be asked to support the organization in taking on a strategic advocacy role, to seek new advocating opportunities and develop related strategies. NFCPWD has a goal of advocating for specific laws and policies for people with disabilities in a vocational context. In the Philippines, people with disabilities are often marginalized and poor. The Federation’s support to their cooperative members provides income and long term sustainable employment to people with disabilities and help them become gainfully employed skilled craftsman. NFCPWD needs you to help the Federation grow as an organization, increase opportunities for business growth, and support more people with disabilities in the Philippines.

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