Mindful Communication Webinar Series

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In 3 1-hour sessions, build your capacity to deal with difficult emotions, actively listen and prepare for a difficult conversation.

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We do a lot of self-advocacy and we deal with a lot of conflict. This series deep-dives on 3 specific skills to build in order to address and transform conflict with clarity, confidence and resilience.


September 14, 1pm to 2pm: Learn the 5 steps to Deal with Difficult Emotions

September 21, 1pm to 2pm: Learn the 6 steps to effectively Actively Listen

September 28th, 1pm to 2pm: Learn how to Prepare for a Difficult Conversation


This isn’t a sit-down and learn series. So, you can’t have it playing in the background. It’s a do-webinar series. There will be engagement, practice and time to figure out, “How do you really apply these skills?”

There’s an early bird special and for OCIC members, an additional discount of $70 off the early bird price.

 Use your exclusive code: 70OFF to get the best value for this 3-part webinar series. This discount expires September 1, 2023.

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This webinar series is ideal for executive leadership and HR teams as well as managers who are looking for professional development opportunities.

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