Menstrual Equity is Menstrual Health

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Menstrual Equity is Menstrual Health, a discussion about stigma, periods and the painful consequences for too many menstruators.

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Let’s talk menstrual equity and menstrual health and make every day a better day for women and all who menstruate.
Did you know? Endometriosis is a common condition experienced by 1 in 10 women, trans and non-binary menstruators of reproductive age.

The disease can cause debilitating conditions, including chronic pelvic pain, and is sometimes associated with infertility. Many suffer silently for years without a diagnosis, enduring extreme pain, nausea and other symptoms.

Due to the stigma and shame associated with menstruation and the lack of knowledge and education around what constitutes a “normal” period, many sufferers never seek help or, if they do, find their concerns dismissed.

We tackle this head-on with panelists Vivila Yujuan Liu (she/her), a Sex Educator, Researcher and Education & Outreach Manager at SHORE Centre. and Katie Luciani (she/her), the Executive Director at The Endometriosis Network Canada (TENC) and a member of EndoAct Canada.


For the first time, Ontario, Canada joins many other governments around the world to recognize March as Endometriosis Awareness Month.

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