Labour and Development Strategies in the Global South

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How labour relations moulded new developmentalism in Argentina and authoritarian neoliberalism in Turkey with Dr. Sumercan Bozkurt-Gungen, York University.

More than one and a half decades after their worst economic crises endured in their recent history in 2001, Argentina and Turkey are back in the spotlight with another concurrent crisis led by rapidly rising consumer prices and sharp depreciation of their currencies. Observers lumping together these two cases tend to give little or no attention to important differences between the rival development strategies put into effect in the two countries by the 2000s. In this talk, Dr. Bozkurt-Gungen will explore how labour relations and labour policies have differently moulded the post-2001 political-economic trajectories in Argentina and Turkey, characterized by a neo-developmentalist orientation in the former, and the entrenchment of the neoliberal agenda with increasingly authoritarian characteristics in the latter.

When: Tuesday January 29th, 2pm
Where: York University
This is a free event; however, seats are limited. Please RSVP on Eventbrite

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