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Event Summary

Urban Work Summit Toronto | A summit on the future of work in Canadian cities, designed and delivered by young workers, powered by the 2023 Urban Work Index (UWI)

Event Details

A summit on the future of work in Canadian cities, designed and delivered by young workers, powered by the 2023 Urban Work Index (UWI)

Centre for Social Innovation Spadina – 192 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON M5T 2C2

May 1st and 2nd, 2024

60 Youth delegates aged 16 to 29 years old who reside in Toronto GTA

Youth are the centre of New Work, yet they’re rarely given the keys to unlock and drive the future of work, especially in cities. This summit brings together Cities and Youth to navigate the future of work in a post-pandemic environment and create a localized and youth-centered action plan.

 The deadline for the application is April 12th

Toronto Summit Agenda


  • Prior to the summit, delegates will participate in preparatory activities tailored to their interests, including mini work resource sessions. These sessions are designed to equip delegates with the necessary skills for workforce entry and facilitate networking opportunities amongst attendees ahead of the Summit.

A: Where we are AT? / B: Where do we want to BE?

  • The day starts with external expert “provocateurs” to stimulate the conversation.
  • Delegates will analyze data analytics and insights to reflect on the current state of work.
  • Delegates will construct future scenarios on the trajectory of urban work over the next 10 years.
  • We will be reviewing the existing data and knowledge to explore what the delegates believe to be the challenges, stresses, and shocks.
  • This culminates in a creative and interactive way, where we will start mapping out several possible scenarios for the future work in cities.

C: What can we CREATE? / D: How do we DELIVER?

  • This is where they turn their ideas into actionable programs and policy recommendations to help cities prepare for and excel at the future of work.
  • Delegates will explore the potential of innovation, by digging deeper into possible ideas and actions.
  • Delegates will look at making cities attractive for workers and employers specific to the urban context.


  • The delegates refine their new concepts in teams leading up to a pitch competition in front of expert judges
  • Delegates interested in moving forward with ideas will gather at the end of May with local Toronto guests to pitch their ideas with the potential of winning prizes that include microgrants, expert mentorship sessions, or in-kind donations to help get the winning pitches off the ground
  • Winners will be supported through an 6-week program to develop their ideas into pilots and grant money will act as a stipend for their participation
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