Global Reads – AKFC’s Book Club (April Edition)

Event Summary

Join Global Reads for books, thought-provoking discussions, and meaningful connections!

Event Details

Aga Khan Foundation Canada is pleased to invite you to join an enlightening edition of our book club series, Global Reads. In April, we’ll be exploring the remarkable narratives in Erin Hern’s book, Explaining Successes in Africa: Things Don’t Always Fall Apart. This isn’t your typical Africa narrative; it’s a journey into the unsung victories, resilience, and triumphs that often go unnoticed. We’re thrilled to have Erin Hern herself as our guest author, offering a firsthand account of her inspirations and insights.

To facilitate this conversation, we will be joined by Cheryl Urban, Assistant Deputy Minister for Sub-Saharan Africa at Global Affairs Canada. Cheryl’s wealth of experience and deep understanding of the region will undoubtedly contribute to a nuanced exploration of the book’s themes.

Let’s connect for an evening of insightful dialogue! Don’t miss this opportunity to dig deeper into what Choice has called a masterful study of policy successes in Africa.