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Event Summary

This six-week online course will offer insights, resources and a strong peer learner cohort to help you develop a successful GAC engagement strategy

Event Details

This course is focused on Global Affairs Canada. The course will last for 6 weeks, meeting 2 X a week for 2.5 hours total, and be supplemented by written articles and resources. The course will be entirely online and will be offered from 12-1:30 EST on Tuesdays, and 12-1 p.m. EST on Thursdays.

These are the topics we are planning to cover:

Week 1 (November 6th-10th) GAC structure, hierarchy, and mandate
Week 2 (November 13th- 17th) FIAP and Action Areas
Week 3 (November 20th-24th) RFPs, unsolicited proposals, and other GAC funding mechanisms
Week 4 (November 27th-December 1st) Working with GAC officials: what makes GAC unique? Engaging with GAC technical experts
Week 5 (December 4th-December 9th). RBM, GBA+, Program Theory and Theory of Change
Week 6 (December 11th-15th) Emerging Trends: Decreasing ODA, Decolonization, Transformation and what’s next


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