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Climate change, conspiracy theories, “cancel culture,” hate movements, authoritarian governments… There’s a lot to be concerned about these days!

In the face of the major challenges that divide us, a wealth of research reveals something surprising: you have more power thank you think.

This is a free five-week-long workshop series that will help you to discover your power to engage constructively in difficult situations, to get your needs met without accepting injustices.

During a time of physical distancing and tremendous disruptions and pressures in each of our lives, there’s still so much we can do to grow and to build each other up!

We’ll engage in group learning and discussions based around content and activities from CFSC’s award-winning book Are We Done Fighting? Building Understanding in a World of Hate and Division.

Leading figures in peacebuilding and human rights promotion are calling this book “a joy,” “exceptionally valuable and timely,” “a much needed antidote against the risk of depression and despair,” and “enabling, practical, and clear-minded.”

Each week involves one 90 minute session on Zoom and some reading from the book in between the Zoom sessions. We won’t cover the full book in the five weeks (of course you can read all of it if you want!).

The Zoom sessions will feature interactive activities and discussions of what we’ve read and how it relates to our own experiences and challenges.

The sessions will be facilitated by the book’s author, Canadian Friends Service Committee’s Peace Program Coordinator, Matthew Legge.

The themes for the five weeks are:
1. Introduction (setting ground rules, learning about the group and some of the strengths present and challenges we each face)
2. Us, others, and power
3. Communication
4. Belief
5. Inner peace

There’s an optional sixth week left open for discussion of any topics that we didn’t have enough time to cover.

Be inspired and learn something new that you can use right now. Find out more about the book and read a free chapter at:

More than 100 people have taken part in this workshop series and 100% of those who responded to the anonymous feedback survey said they would recommend it to others.

Here are some direct quotes from past participants:

“The book and the course itself was FAR MORE than I had anticipated. The facilitators were knowledgeable, sensitive, and supportive. I am sad it is over…. It was so wonderful.”

“Expect to wrestle with some new ideas and to engage both your heart and head.”

“Get ready to think in new ways with respect to conflict.”

These sessions require active participation from everyone. Each week will build on where we left off the previous week. For that reason, no new participants will be able to join if they haven’t participated in at least one of the first two sessions. So if you sign up for the series, do plan to attend all five sessions in the series.

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