World Water Day 2024

Stories of Water & Change

This diverse collection of personal narratives and photographs serves as a testament to the multifaceted relationships we share with this vital resource. As we immerse ourselves in these accounts, we are not only inspired by the depth of individual experiences but also reminded of the urgent need for collective action to safeguard our planet’s most precious resource.

Thank you for joining us at our World Water Day 2024 events!

STORYTELLING NIGHT: “Calming the Waters: Stories of Water, Peace, and Life"

Friday, March 22, 2024 from 8:00pm - 10:00pm ET
On Zoom

We are excited to partner with the 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling community for “Calming the Waters: Stories of Water, Peace, and Life,” a special themed Friday storytelling night. This event aims to highlight stories about water, including personal narratives, folk tales, fairy tales, songs, and other oral pieces.

We will feature a curated selection of stories that explore the beauty, mystery, and significance of water. Our lineup of storytellers includes established individuals from the 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling community, each offering their unique perspective and voice. Whether you’re a literature enthusiast, a fan of personal narratives, or simply someone who appreciates the magic of a well-told tale, there’s something for everyone on this special night.

Join us as we celebrate World Water Day 2024 by reflecting on the importance of water in our lives and communities through the stories that we share. Mark your calendars, invite your friends, and get ready for an evening filled with storytelling magic and meaningful connections.

ARTS WORKSHOP: “Creating Ripples: A Community Arts Workshop for World Water Day"

Saturday, March 23, 2024 from 2:00pm - 7:00pm ET
UNITY Studio, 1560 Yonge St. #204, Toronto

Let’s come together for ‘Creating Ripples: A Community Arts Workshop to Celebrate World Water Day 2024,’ a special workshop that’s all about the essence of water, combining the fluidity of movement and the beauty of performance and visual arts!

In this immersive experience, we’ll share stories and experiences about water through movement, dancing, and art. Engaging in guided exercises, we’ll move and dance together, letting the flow of water inspire our bodies. Then, we’ll pick up our paintbrushes and let the rhythms and movements inspire us as we create beautiful water-inspired artworks.

Don’t worry if you’ve never danced or painted before – this workshop is all about the joy of learning and expression. Just bring your excitement, leave your worries at the door, and let the water guide you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn more about water, unleash your inner artist, and connect with your community through art.

Workshop Sessions

Movement and Dance Session: “Bodies of Water” – with Angelina Ding and Eddy Lee

Bodies of Water is a community engagement workshop which focuses on the global water problems (SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation, SDG 13: Climate Action and SDG 14: Life Below Water), utilizing dance as a medium for communicating the situation and urging action. The goal is to learn basic expressive dance as a way to highlight global water problems and encourage people to engage in actions related to water stewardship.

Visual Arts Session – with Azul Baez

Dive into a world of creativity as we express our reflections on water through mixed media. Join our arts workshop and let your imagination flow freely as we illustrate a mini album filled with our thoughts, emotions, and appreciation for this life-giving element. No drawing skills required.

Workshop Facilitators

Azul Baez

Azul Baez is a social artist who specializes in the development of programming whose purpose is to improve cultural, social, and work environment relations. Azul is an advocate for diversity in all its forms. 

Through art methods, Azul helps to upgrade the lives of communities and individuals. Food Justice and Mental Health advocate.

Angelina Ding

Angelina Ding is a dance enthusiast, journalist, and social entrepreneur. She has more than 10 years of experience in various dance styles. She also has experience leading art therapy and drama therapy workshops. 

This year, Angelina’s focus is on creative dance, which can bring attention to social issues such as climate change, gender equality, cultural communication etc.

Eddy Lee

Eddy Lee is a storyteller, Permaculture designer, conservation educator, and community engagement & outreach practitioner. She tells stories about what she perceives, thinks, and feels through podcasts, photographs, and books.

Driven by the urgency to transform our way of life for the sake of environmental and cultural preservation, Eddy aims to use the arts to engage communities, enabling them to recognize the world’s challenges and create solutions firmly rooted in nature, care, and respect.

CALL FOR PERSONAL STORIES & PHOTOS: “Connected by Flowing Narratives: Stories of Water and Change”

Water is not just a resource; it’s a powerful, fundamental part of our lives, shaping our experiences and connecting us to each other and the world around us. As World Water Day approaches, we’re on a quest for personal narratives that dive deep into your relationship with water and water-related issues, accompanied by a photo that captures the essence of your story.

Selected stories and photos will be featured together in an OCIC World Water Day 2024 showcase, celebrating the profundity of human experiences with water and amplifying diverse voices and experiences to inspire action and foster understanding.

Have you ever had a transformative experience by the water’s edge? Do you have a personal connection to a river, lake, or ocean that has profoundly impacted your life? Have you witnessed firsthand the effects of water scarcity, pollution, or climate change in your community? Share your story and a photo that portrays its essence.

Themes to explore may include:
  • Water Rights, Access, and Equity: Reflect on the challenges and solutions surrounding water-related issues in your community or beyond.
  • Journeys and Adventures with Water: Share tales of exploration, discovery, and the transformative power of water.
  • Cultural Perspectives and Significance of Water: Explore the cultural significance of water in your heritage and how it shapes your identity and worldview. Share about the role of water in folklore, local traditions, and rituals across different cultures and societies.
  • Environmental Impact on Water: Talk about challenges posed by pollution, destruction, or climate change on water, that you have personally seen or experienced and/or that has left an impact on you.
  • Personal Reflections about Water: Delve into the emotional connections we have with water, from moments of serenity to encounters with its untamed force, or discuss how experiences with water have influenced your values, beliefs, and life path.

Whether you’re a seasoned writer, a budding storyteller, or simply someone with a memory to share, we welcome submissions from all backgrounds and perspectives.

Submission Guidelines (maximum of 2 submissions per person):
  • Short Personal Story:
      • Stories should be true personal narratives and previously unpublished.
      • Word count: 400 to 700 words.
      • Submissions must be in English. We are open to sharing your work in another language accompanied by your English translation, if it is meaningful for you.
      • Include a title for your story.
      • With your submission, please include a brief statement about yourself that answers the question: “What is your favorite body of water and why?” (50 words max).
  • Photo Submission:
    • Submit a high-resolution photo (minimum 1080 pixels on the shortest side) that complements your story.
    • The photo’s aspect ratio should be 1:1 (square) or 4:5 (portrait or landscape). Photos that do not fit either of these aspect ratios will be cropped as appropriate.
    • Minimum of 1 photo and maximum of 2 photos only per submission. Collages are not allowed.
Deadline for submissions: Tuesday, March 20, 2024

If you encounter difficulties with the form above, you may e-mail your submissions with the subject line “WWD2024 Water Story [Submission Name]” to

Join us in amplifying voices to create a more sustainable and water-conscious world. Dive into the depths of your memories and experiences and let your stories flow like water. Your story and photo have the power to spark conversations, honor the vital role of water in our lives, and make waves of change. We eagerly await your contributions!