A painting in green hues that shows rain following around vines and leaves.

When Water Paved New Ways during Those Incessant Drizzles by Minu Benny

When Water Paved New Ways during Those Incessant Drizzles

By Minu Benny

The 2018 Kerala floods is an unforgettable incident in my life of 32 years. Experiencing the agony in and around me still has not vanished the unpleasant memories of greenery underwater. Kerala witnessing a similar event after 94 years left us almost unprepared to overcome it. It was the time when the fishermen’s community and Indian forces worked hand in hand helping lives to find safe shades.

Those days everyone rippled strength, kindness and solidarity among us like no other time. From the background, I cherish the team spirit and effort of my pupil doing their bachelor’s in architecture at that time in designing a health care project at one of the flood-affected areas namely, Vazhakkad in Malappuram District. The Memorandum signed between the institution and a well-wisher paved the way for a Family Health Center that was the first of its kind in India. It was also a time of self-reflection in me putting myself in the shoes of a mentor. The project accommodated the latest healthcare facilities and different construction technology imparting a new exposure and experience to the team. I am grateful to be involved in a meaningful project as a mentor during the design stage. As a mentor, I took care that the information was passed and understood in the right way, at various stages of the design between the students and all experts involved in the design. I ensured my team had the proper resources and freedom to work on their design.

A painting in green hues that shows rain following around vines and leaves.

I appreciate my students in proposing a design that dedicated its ground floor to courtyards and open spaces for community health programs and activities. This spatial design foresaw a channel for water to flow through in case a flood may occur again. This reminded me of how thoughtful the young design minds were about their land and natural resources. It also reflected disaster preparedness and long-term planning contributing to a sustainable approach. Welcoming the community gathering to the ground floor also showed how committed the designers were to their fellow people.

I am showcasing this event to help the readers perceive how circumstances like natural disasters and climate change influenced the human minds to act together as one to lift society when the actual consequences are deeply felt. The flood water this time paved a new channel into the human minds, upbringing the volunteers, mentors, designers, and well-wishers within them to save a piece of land for the greater good and leave a message on ‘Save Nature’.

Story by Minu Benny
Mohawk College

“My favorite body of water is a lake. I belong to Kerala located at the southernmost tip of India. The lush green paddy fields and small lakes are closely knitted to its landscape. The memories of spending family time together enjoying nature and its serenity, often take me home among my dear ones.”

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