Talking Treaties Spectacle

Event Details

Talking Treaties is an outdoor pageant exploring the treaty history of the Toronto area through words, song, movement and spectacle. Rooted in oral history and community collaboration, Talking Treaties takes audiences on a journey through the place we share and the way it came to be. Inspired by historical research of Victoria Freeman and others, Director Ange Loft leads a team of professional and community performers through vignettes exploring The Dish With One Spoon, The Toronto Purchase, The Treaty of Niagara and more, with humour, boldness and beaver puppets. The Talking Treaties Spectacle takes place on the grounds of Historic Fort York, an apt and complex location to explore our shared history, responsibilities, and dreams.

Reservations are recommended, as seats are limited

When: October 4th to 6th at 5:30pm; Oct. 6th and 7th at 2pm
Where: Historic Fort York, Toronto
Please pay what you can afford—by paying a higher ticket price you support Jumblies and others who can afford less.

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