Spur Change: Risk Management Training Series

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April 5, 12, & 26, 2022

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April 5, 12, & 26, 2022

Improve organizational readiness at managing crisis using scenario-based planning

About this event

The global crisis due to the coronavirus has highlighted the importance for small and medium-sized organizations (SMO) to adopt risk management strategies. As the pandemic continues as a constant trigger, SMOs must reconcile the impact on their programming. SMOs overall must be better prepared to face upcoming crises by managing risks and developing contingency plans.

It is with this in mind that Aléas will deliver this training to better equip Canadian SMOs in the international cooperation and development sector. Training will focus on travel-risk to bring forward risk management strategies and tools. Participants will be introduced to scenario-based planning to identify potential crises that may arise and will learn how to develop contingency plans to build their organization’s resilience.



> Draft an overview of the organization’s practices related to travel crisis management.

> Identify the priorities to address and manage situations effectively.

> Improve organizational capacities to:

  • Identify, analyze and implement travel risks with appropriate mitigation measures,
  • Develop diligent partnerships,
  • Make informed decisions based on the organization’s risk threshold,
  • Understand scenario-based planning and use it to develop contingency plans.

> Improve risk management practices keeping personnel safe, secure, and healthy when abroad.

Training Modules

April 5th – Module 1 Travel Risk Management: Understand organizational risks of sending people overseas. Introduction to the legal and normative frameworks. Begin the assessment of crisis management practices.

April 12th – Module 2 Risk Analysis: Learn how to perform a risk analysis and determine mitigation strategies to implement and meet the organization’s risk threshold. Introduction to scenario-based planning.

April 26th – Module 3 Effective Crisis Management: Improve crisis management practices by implementing protocols and using standard operating procedures. Use scenario-based planning to gain organizational resilience and develop appropriate contingency plans.

Commitment and Learning Methods

An educational activity facilitating the integration of knowledge is offered in each module and is a prerequisite for the live sessions. Participants will receive asynchronous materials associated with each module a few days before joining the live sessions through Aléas Campus, an online learning management system. Confirmed organizations should, therefore, expect to perform work beyond asynchronous and synchronous sessions. The rigor of this involvement will determine the level of integration of the knowledge and skills taught. As such, your individual time commitment to the materials can range from 8 hours to 20+ hours depending on your involvement.

Selection Criteria

  • You correspond to GAC criteria as eligible SMO
  • You are an SMO that has a direct need to better develop a Risk Analysis and Contingency Plans for your organization
  • You will be willing to commit to a minimum of 8 hours over 3 weeks (2.5+ hours per week) on online modules. Weeks of April 5, 12, 26th 2022

Selection Process

Space is limited to one representative per eligible organization unless the series is not fully subscribed. Please note that this series is offered in English.

Deadline to apply: March 24th, 2022.

Apply here

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