Shifting Cooperation Paradigms: Adapting to a changing context in the COVID pandemic

Event Summary

Cooperation Canada’s Online Development Series of bi-weekly panels, trainings, workshops and networking events on trending topics!

Event Details

Cooperation Canada is hosting bi-weekly, high-value virtual sessions, bringing innovative and challenging ideas to the international development sector in Canada. Diverse stakeholders will prompt thought-provoking discussions on topics related to the major trends affecting the international cooperation sector in a COVID-19 era. These sessions will help inform sector leaders about some of the issues they should consider as the pandemic crisis continues to impact the international cooperation sector.

The series aims to:
– Inform Cooperation Canada member leaders (and others) of the key trends and issues facing the international cooperation sector given the pandemic crisis.
– Challenge Cooperation Canada members and others to proactively react and update their strategies and approaches considering the challenges facing the sector.
– Provide space for critical reflection and exchange through thought-provoking discussions by engaging leaders inside and outside the sector (moving beyond the ‘usual suspects’).