Reaching Across Borders, Building a Better World Conference

Event Details

In an age where many nations are turning inward, it is more important than ever for academics to use their knowledge and expertise to reach across borders and build a better world. It is with these values in mind that Academics Without Borders is proud to host Reaching Across Borders, Building a Better World – The impact of Canada’s colleges and universities on global development.

Join leaders and experts from around the world to explore the ways that academia can play a transformative role in social innovation, cross-country collaboration, and global development for the benefit of all the world’s citizens.

Our opening keynote speaker is Louise Fréchette, former Deputy Secretary-General of the UN, who will discuss Canada’s place in today’s world within the context of our conference, in conversation with Greg Moran, AWB’s executive director and former Provost of Aga Khan University.

Why this conference now?
Postsecondary institutions based in the developing world can play a key role in creating healthier, wealthier, and more just societies. Canadian universities and colleges are important partners in this process, working hand-in-hand with these institutions, as well as governments, schools, and private/public sector institutions to build a better world for all. It is with these efforts in mind that Reaching Across Borders, Building a Better World will bring together faculty, government officials, corporations, NGOs, students, and postdoctoral researchers from around the globe to learn from these collaborations in order to generate innovative new solutions.

Conference Themes
– Access to quality higher education
– Strengthened institutional governance, management, and teaching
– Social innovation/enterprise development
– Work and economic growth
– Gender equity
– Clean water and sanitation
– Functional cities and other necessities of a civil, prosperous society

Reaching Across Borders, Building a Better World will include structured workshops that will provide training in the core skills of international academic partnerships and facilitate the co-creation of new ways to address challenges facing academic institutions across the globe.

Other invited plenary speakers include prominent international and national figures who will bring their insights and experience to share with you.

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