GLOBAL CITIZENS FORUM 2013: State of the World’s Youth

Focused on the State of the World’s Youth, the OCIC’s Global Citizens Forum 2013 was organized on three tracks: Youth as Influencers, 21st Century Learning and Employment, and Livelihoods and Wellbeing.

Held in downtown Toronto, the Forum brought together over 100 international cooperation sector leaders and practitioners, issue-specific experts, advocates, academics, funders, and youth to strengthen individual and collective capacity, and increase multi-stakeholder dialogue on issues most affecting youth globally. It provided an important space for networking, skill-sharing and cross-sector understanding for a range of professionals concerned about and working towards addressing local and global youth challenges and opportunities.


From November 7-8, 2013, Canadian and international delegates convened to:

  • strengthen individual and collective capacity in addressing issues affecting youth globally;
  • share tools, research and good practices to increase effectiveness in youth-centered work in the international cooperation sector;
  • facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue on relevant and emerging issues that are pertinent to youth and youth-serving organizations globally;
  • highlight and support the work of organizations and practitioners as agents of change in development challenges affecting youth.

Amongst 39 contributors to the Forum, we were honoured to welcome OCIC members’ partners from Kenya, Nicaragua, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Jamaica. 

  • Sarah Wambui Itambo, Kenya
  • Madeline Mendoza, Nicaragua
  • Dario Merlo, Project Coordinator, Jane Goodall Institute, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Layton Shaw, Guidance Counselor and Drama Coordinator, Tavares Gardens Primary School, Jamaica

OCIC Global Citizens Forum 2013 Full List of Speakers (PDF) | (Word)
OCIC Global Citizens Forum 2013 Participant Package (PDF) | (Word)