Money Talks Issue 4 Webinar with Anuradha Dugal from Canadian Women’s Foundation

Event Details

Money Talks is an online publication produced by the Ontario Council of International Cooperation (OCIC) that presents innovative solutions for common funding challenges faced by development professionals and organizations. This capacity building tool helps spark new creative ventures for organizations seeking to diversify their funding options and deepen the scope of their work.

Money Talks Issue 4: Let’s Talk Foundations focuses on the roles and funding mechanism of foundations. This issue aims to provide real life examples on grant-making processes and suggestions on grant-seeking best practices through a series of interviews and webinars by inviting fundraising professionals and representatives from prominent foundations in Canada.

On March 21, we will be joined by Anuradha Dugal, Director of Violence Prevention Programs and former Board Member of Canadian Women’s Foundation on our free webinar.

Join us on Thursday March 21, 1:00 – 2:00PM (EST) to learn more about the foundation’s funding cycle, grant-seeking best practices, impact measurement, and more!

Some sample questions include:

– What does a grant cycle typically look like in Canadian Women’s Foundation?
– What are some red flags or highlights you look for in a grant proposal?
– How can grant applicants effectively tell their stories in the proposals? What are some creative ways of impact measurement you have seen?
– In terms of accountability and transparency in project execution, how does the CWF ensure that no power is abused or used against CWF’s vision in gender equality while the grantees work with vulnerable groups?
– What was a past partnership experience that stood out?
– How can small and medium sized organizations (SMOs) and communities reach out to CWF and engage with our civic leaders to push for more gender equality action and policies?

There will be 20-30 minutes for participant Q&A

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