LEVEL UP | Taking Care of Yourself During COVID-19

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Join us ONLINE to learn about legal issues for employees due to COVID-19, and how to boost your immunity naturally. *Pay What You Can*

About this Event:

Now more than ever it is so important that we take care of ourselves and our careers, so this month we will be discussing what you should know about your rights as an employee, especially during COVID-19 layoffs, as well as learn how to boost your immunity naturally and safely.

BONUS! Learn how to make a multi-purpose, immunity-boosting facial steam to give yourself some much-needed love.

Know your rights! We will be addressing legal questions including:

What options do you have as an employee that has been laid off because of COVID-19?
What should you know about your rights regarding a layoff, termination, severance, and benefits?
What support can individuals get from the government if they lose their job or have their hours reduced because of COVID-19?
What should you know about all of that legal stuff when reviewing a contract, signing a job offer, and working for a new employer?
What should you know about your general rights as an employee and how you should be treated from an employer and fellow colleagues?


How can one boost their immunity to further protect themselves from COVID-19?


This event will be ONLINE – a link to join the online panel will be sent out to all attendees beforehand.


Emily Lukaweski is a Business and Immigration lawyer in Toronto who counsels her clients on employment law issues. Emily is passionate about changing the way law is practiced and provided, and strives to build real relationships and to use advances in technology to provide her clients with effective, efficient, and relatable legal counsel.

Kay (Karya) Webb is a young female entrepreneur from Toronto, ON with a passion for self-care. Kay brings seven years of experience as a massage therapist and her most recent experience in natural skincare. In early 2017 she create SUCRÉ Skincare, a product line with a variety of body butters, sugar scrubs and facial serums. Kay is currently enrolled at the UK based School of Natural Skincare from which she will be graduating in June 2020.

Amanda Armstrong is a coach, motivational speaker, and the Founder of Athari. After experiencing a difficult termination from her dream job back in October she became incredibly passionate about helping womxn get back on their feet and build wildly successful careers following a termination or layoff. Amanda has spent the past six months successfully negotiating severance, building a successful social enterprise, and speaking to dozens of lawyers, HR professionals, and female mentors. She empowers womxn to speak up and stand up for themselves when it comes to employee rights, being treated with dignity and respect, and getting what they deserve.


LEVEL UP is a monthly speaker series by Athari that is dedicated to personal and professional development for young womxn. We are committed to continuing to provide these valuable networking and learning opportunities at this time by moving the event ONLINE.

Athari is a social enterprise that provides career coaching, sales coaching, and motivational speaking. We believe that everyone deserves access to education and meaningful employment filled with passion, purpose, happiness, and financial freedom. Our global community is full of inspiring, purpose driven womxn that are dedicating their lives and their careers to making the world a better place.

As a social enterprise everything that we do supports our scholarship program for talented youth in Kenya. There are over 250 million children and youth out of school globally. We are committed to tackling that number by providing access to education through a sustainable social enterprise model.


We’ve included a PAY WHAT YOU CAN model to ensure accessibility and affordability for everyone. Click on “Tickets” to access this option!

** 75% of proceeds from LEVEL UP events support scholarships for students

** 25% of proceeds from LEVEL UP events support a new female entrepreneur

You can learn more about the three students that we currently support in Kenya here and on Instagram at @athari.careercoaching.

EARLY BIRD: if purchased by Sunday April 19th:

$40 general admission

$PAY WHAT YOU CAN: for students, unemployed, low income, & Athari members

GENERAL: if purchased after Sunday April 19th:

$50 general admission

$PAY WHAT YOU CAN: for students, unemployed, low income, & Athari members

Please contact Amanda at Call: 416.951.3892416.951.3892, amanda@athari.ca, or on Instagram – @athari.careercoaching for more information 🙂

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