How to Manage Conflict and Emotions in Anti-Racism Work

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In 1 hour, you will learn the 1 thing most people are unaware of when engaging in anti-racism work and the specific actions to help you manage conflict and emotions as you implement anti-racism work.

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In anti-racism and EDI work, I’ve found that we are so excited to self-advocate, improve things and change the status quo that we forget something really important.

It’s as important as knowing that when you advocate for change it will inevitably lead to conflict and difficult emotions.

 Forgetting this key piece contributes to conflict and difficult emotions in anti-racism work.

Learn what it is at my free webinar, How to Manage Conflict and Emotions in Anti-Racism Work.

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In 1 hour, you will learn the 1 thing most people forget when engaging in anti-racism work. You will also leave knowing the specific actions to manage conflict and emotions when working on anti-racism.

Can’t make it? No problem. The replay will be sent after.

Why show up live? The last 10 to 15 minutes will not be recorded to create a safe space for Q&As.

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