Haiti: Political Crisis and the Culture of Resistance

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Since anti-corruption protests began last year, the Haitian government has been engaged in a brutal, ongoing crackdown on peaceful political dissent. In the worst example of this government repression, in November 2018, the United Nations confirmed the responsibility of the Haitian government in the brutal massacre of 71 civilians in the impoverished neighbourhood of La Saline. This violence, in addition to widespread corruption of a government that lacks popular legitimacy has sparked a wave of protests that have now engulfed the country, but the international community remains openly in support of Jovenel Moise, for fear of a grassroots political uprising.

On October 29, join the Caribbean Solidarity Network for a discussion about what is at the root of Haiti’s current political crisis, who are the key forces on the ground, and what is Canada’s role in all of this. We will be joined by Jean St. Vil and several members of the Solidarité Québec-Haiti, who recently occupied Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s election office in order to protest the Canadian government’s unwavering support for the deeply corrupt, illegitimate administration of Jovenel Moise.

When: Tuesday October 29th, 6:30pm
Where: A Different Booklist, Toronto, ON

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