Get the Job You Want! For Humanitarian Aid & International Workers

Event Details

Jo Rodrigues’s workshop: Get the Job You Want! For Humanitarian Aid & International Workers © is here! This January 27, 2019. What do you get?

The workshop will cover how to:

• Write Cover Letters and CVs that grab your audience’s attention;
• Network without feeling uncomfortable or fake;
• Avoid being paid for less than your worth;
• Get the experience you need without going broke! Enough with the internships and volunteering already! You’ve done your time!
• And what you need to know about your future employer!

There is an early bird special. Visit the link for more info or visit her website:

What people are saying:

“Jo’s techniques made a huge difference in my job search. I went from freezing up in interviews, to confidently responding even to very aggressive interview styles. The most aggressive interview I had, where I found myself able to calmly field questions that would have previously caused me to spiral into panic mode, turned out to be the job I got after 10 months of searching, a dream job for me.” ~Human Rights Researcher, New York City, U.S.A.~

“I really enjoyed the time Jo spent on creating a space to analyze what I am really seeking out, and how she helped along my introspective process. In the job-hunt shuffle, I will be able to reflect on this and weed out seemingly opportune roles that may not interest me in order to dedicate my time to applying to positions that truly motivate me.” ~Graduate Student, Canada~

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