Future Sustainability Challenge – 2020 – Spring Edition

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Prepr Foundation’s flagship product is PIE®. An interdisciplinary problem-solving framework, that provides entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and their teams the tools they need to grow. Our mission is to strengthen the collaboration between public and private sectors on challenges that affect local communities, infrastructure, and governments, creating a more sustainable future for everyone. Prepr is putting out a call to action for students, teachers, innovators, disruptors, organizations, and enterprises that want to collaborate, and participate in the actual creation of our own sustainable future.

There are 17 different United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that address global challenges we all face. These 17 goals interconnect all aspects of life, and it is essential that we achieve each goal by 2030, the target set out by the United Nations. This is an urgent call for action by all countries – developed and developing – in a global partnership, to ensure a better future for all. As Canadians, we are being called upon to bring our solutions to the table.

Prepr Foundation is aiming to bridge the gap between innovative ideas and real-world challenges while creating unique learning experiences for students and employees across Canada and beyond. By bringing together change-makers to disruptors, creators to makers, & entrepreneurs to intrapreneurs of big industry. We plan to achieve our objective by creating challenge learning opportunities based on current issues in Canada that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Using Prepr’s PIE® method for problem solving, we invite you to find a challenge you’re passionate about and co-lab to co-create a sustainable future and take action in the decade of action!

Whether you’re a data geek, designer, coder or aspiring change-maker, wanting to leave your mark on the world who is passionate about sustainability, Prepr welcomes everyone. The future belongs to all of us, and it will take collective action to get there sustainably. We are encouraging individuals to attend in-person, virtually, or work with us to organize your own community event and participate in this 2-week sprint ending March 31st 11:59 EST.

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