Foundations of Leadership Learning Circles: a series of six 75-minute interactive modules to boost core leadership skills. All online.

Event Summary

For experienced or emerging leaders who want to grow in leadership skills. Topics include Self-Leadership, Building Trust, Managing Conflict, and Bold Conversations & Challenging Employees.

Event Details

Join a group of experienced and emerging leaders for 6 weeks of learning and networking led by two seasoned executives, Doreen Harvey and Marla Konrad.

What’s Included:

  • A 75-minute weekly Zoom gathering over 6 weeks
  • 6 customized modules
  • A focus on practical tools and models you can apply immediately
  • Peer coaching and learning
  • An optional 15-minute group Q&A time with the facilitators immediately after module

About the Foundations of Leadership Modules:

Module 1: Self-Leadership

Self-leadership and self-awareness are critical elements in leadership development. Understanding who you are, and the characteristics of a strong self-leader will equip you to lead with self-awareness, authenticity and boldness.

 Module 2: Building Trust

Trust is the bedrock of strong relationships and a valuable currency for all leaders. Learn how to forge new habits that will help you build trust with your leader, peers, and staff, and identify behaviors you can start putting into practice today.

Module 3: Managing Conflict

Conflict is inevitable, so how can we best manage the conflicts we find ourselves in and work toward best outcomes? Learn a simple and effective conflict management tool and take a brief self-assessment to help you understand your default conflict management style, and how you may need to flex in order to manage different forms of conflict.

Module 4: Adaptive Leadership

In our fast-paced and rapidly changing times, it’s more essential than ever to approach life and work with adaptability. Learn and discuss the essential characteristics of adaptive leaders, and how you can begin to embrace change and lead even more adaptively.

Module 5: Bold Conversations & Challenging Employees

The ability to have an honest yet difficult conversation is critical if you want to lead with integrity and grace. In this module, you’ll learn how to have bold conversations that will increase awareness and help modify behaviour, especially with challenging employees. Take home a useful template to help you prepare well for bold conversations.

Module 6: Deepening Resilience

Some people bounce back quickly after adversity. For others, building resilience is harder. In this time of unprecedented stress, learn why leaders must invest in their own renewal, and learn new tools that will help you build greater resilience.

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