Film Screening of “Herança Maldita”

Event Summary

This documentary traces the repercussions of the Brumadinho tailings dam failure and examines the impacts that mining in Brazil has had on land, water, and communities

Event Details

Please join us for the virtual screening of the documentary Herença Maldita.

The film examines the two catastrophic environmental crimes committed by mining companies that have marked the last decade in Brazil.

On November 5th, 2015, the Fundão tailings dam at the Samarco mine burst in the town of Mariana, Brazil. As the dam broke, 45 million cubic meters of iron ore waste and mud covered the nearby town of Bento Rodrigues and beyond. 19 people were killed and at least 600 lost their homes. At the time, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff called it the “worst environmental disaster Brazil had ever seen.”

A little over three years later, on January 25, 2019, the Córrego do Feijão dam at a Vale mine near the town of Brumadinho collapsed releasing about 9.7 million cubic meters of waste. Another tidal wave of mud rushed downhill, this time covering parts of the town of Brumadinho and killing 272 people.

Based on these tragedies, the documentary approaches the topic of mining activity, researching its impacts on land, the water and the people.

By registering for the screening you will receive a link and password to view the documentary in advance of this event.

The event will include screenings of selected clips with commentary from the film’s director, Tomás Amaral, and Brazilian community members, activists, and mining experts. There will be an opportunity for Q&A with the director and the panelists. The event will be in English and Portuguese.

The screening is organized by the film’s director in collaboration with MiningWatch Canada and Earthworks.

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