Enabling Informed Choices & Better Health with Family Empowerment Media

Event Summary

Join us for a presentation by Family Empowerment Media, exploring their applied research into saving lives via radio in Kano, Nigeria.

Event Details

Family Empowerment Media (FEM) is an evidence-driven nonprofit working to improve maternal and child health and a recent D-Prize winner. FEM will achieve impact at scale by providing clear, compelling, and accurate radio-based communication that targets barriers to the uptake of family planning services. For the latest on their efforts, check out their recent EA Forum post.

This 1 hour event will feature a presentation and Q&A from co-founder Ken Scheffler. In addition, we’ll either engage in an inquiry game to deepen our curiosity about the goals, methods, or effects of this work, or else join Ken in a brainstorming session around a specific challenge FEM is currently facing.

Both general and nuanced inquiry is welcome, and the presentation slides are attached.

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