Emergency Mass Action for Mining Justice

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With less than six months left in his mandate, Trudeau is about to break another promise. The proposed ombudsperson for responsible enterprise would have given people harmed by Canadian mining abroad a tool to begin to hold these corporations to account. However, a troubling announcement made on April 8 makes it clear that they instead intend to create a powerless position that will do nothing to help those harmed by these industries. There is still time to act! The final decision on the ombudsperson powers will be made in a month’s time… so the time is now to pressure the government and demand no more broken promises!

Environmental Justice in Canada must include Canadian companies doing business abroad!

When: Saturday, May 4th, 11am
Where: Christie Pits Park, Toronto

Canada is the world leader in the global mining industry. The majority of companies are headquartered here, and more money is raised for mining on the Toronto Stock Exchange than any other stock exchange in the world.

When it comes to abuse by mining companies, Canada also reigns supreme. Killings and sexual abuse by security forces, unchecked environmental devastation, corruption and even targeted assassinations are regularly reported at Canadian mine sites around the world.

For over a decade, human rights advocates, Indigenous peoples, labour unions, and environmental groups have been pressuring the Canadian government to adopt measures to hold corporations accountable for their abuses abroad, but to date all the government has delivered is broken promises.

On April 8, the federal government backtracked on a key commitment for an independent, effective ombudsperson to investigate allegations of human rights abuses at Canadian mine sites and garment factories around the world. Instead, it announced a powerless advisory post, similar to the toothless CSR Councillor position that has existed for years.

Minister of Trade Diversification Jim Carr did leave the possibility of greater powers for the ombudsperson “pending the outcome of an external legal review,” the results of which are expected in the next few weeks.

The time is now to push them to adopt an effective ombudsperson, and hold them accountable to their previous promise that this position would be independent and have the power to investigate allegations of corporate abuse.

This is an ALL OUT moment, timed to attract the largest participation possible. This rally and march is kid friendly and will have food, art, puppets and interactive installations. Please help us spread the word!

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