Currents: International Development Conference 2019

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The International Development Conference 2019 (IDC) is the eighth annual student-led International Development conference at the University of Toronto Scarborough. The IDC will be held on the 9th of February 2019 and is a one-day interdisciplinary conference that involves students, alumni, academics and Development professionals.

This year’s theme for the Conference is “Currents” and we will be examining contemporary issues in development and their relation to development’s dynamic and broad nature — including matters of water scarcity, development in conflict zones, community development, and global citizenship. Our programming includes two keynote speaker presentations, four thematic discussions, a diverse set of workshops, and an NGO/social enterprise fair. The structure will allow for participation from all attendees — speakers, students, development professionals, and faculty alike — in critical discussions that will provide a theoretical and practical lens to the current condition of development. The IDC will act as a platform for critical discussions and opportunities in order to explore a variety of fundamental and prevalent global issues, social injustice and emerging innovative ideas in the field of International Development.


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