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one intiative that is ongoing until will go as long as possible called aligning to sustain longstory short is four part series (to not overwhelm people on commitment) it is our third cohort on self care being political especially for bipoc and or womxn identities in the human rights/nonprofit emotional labour space and redefining wellness there will be self care breathing looking at neglected culture in healing culture appropriating in health, what is healthy who dictate ,our knowledge workbooks, journaling creative writing poetry ways to self rejuvenate to keep the practice during the week one and hour hour on sunday for now again it is cater to the group so the date can change if interested more questions feel free

it is an hour and half with topics around what is wellness included bipoc womxn lens and looking at historical context of self care being further way for womxn with domestic labour and other tasks and being more prevalent now where some are putting at the forefront so this is ongoing sessions on showing up fully and looking deeper at how with small groups this is our third cohort the series ongoing kind of builds on probably doing it until next year it is writing with self care and various healings especially for bipoc historically oppressed identities all proceeds go to research mental and physical correlation pushing ontario health policies to include cultural healing like indigenous african tribe traditional chinese, indian medicine as like options that are “official” in policy and research and others basically accountable inclusion that is reflecting the diverse communities respecting having ways to sustain programming

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