Aligning to sustain self care for activists human rights nonprofit related

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We will be having cohorts of accessible self care group that will touch on mindfulness personalized to the group will have mindfulness four sessions for now leading to a accountability community group if interested feel free to share email and I can share more

we will have cohorts of ten people to have enhance interaction and so feel free to share amongst links even for teenagers mainly for female identities
But we will have more cohorts this is the third cohort
 Do you have questions on the sign up?
 let me know if you have signed up and I can send you the resources workbook shared drive with various resources c’est disponible en français les outils accessibilités accessibility tools provided. Can have a group focus on bipoc activists healing and allys. The idea came from there are various issues around the world focus one few that intersect with various to have time to show up fully when time needs and the need for accessible wellness especially most neglected groups aligned together stay well to keep pushing for equitable liberating human rights. Not limited to the quebec community i am personally in toronto area and multiligual

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