2022 Oxfam Summit

Event Summary

The Oxfam Summit is a multi-day interactive and intensive training that gathers activists, community leaders and passionate individuals from across Canada.

Event Details

Real change happens when people come together and use their collective power to lift up their communities. Together we have the ability to represent an array of people, issues and lived experiences, all with a shared passion for ending the injustice of poverty and inequality. That is why Oxfam Canada is calling on activists, community leaders and passionate individuals from across the country to come together and attend the Oxfam Summit!

To give you a taste of what’s on the agenda, here’s a sneak peek of key sessions: 

  • Decolonizing our social movements with speakers from No One is Illegal, Oxfam Canada, and others 
  • Localizing international climate action with speakers from the AFN, Climate Emergency Unit and more 
  • Connecting local and global SRHR struggles featuring SRHR specialists from Action Canada 
  • Making change through powerful conversations with elected representatives with expert lobbyists and people inside parliament on 
  • And much more – including how to fundraise, build a successful campaign and create your “story of self” narrative 


The event will take place from 1-5pm EST on May 13, 14-and 15, 2022. Applications are due May 1.

Details and the application form can be found here: https://www.oxfam.ca/oxfam-summit-and-day-of-action-2022/ 

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