Telma Yamari Martin-Halsall, OCIC Global Changemaker Youth Ambassador 2018

Age: 23 | City: Toronto | Partners For A Better World: BAM 2017, Afro-Indigenous

“Solidarity I think, is really important because its about working alongside people, instead of working for people.”

Telma Yamari Martin-Halsall, is a natural leader and a committed social justice activist. She has played a huge part in supporting Casa Pueblito’s mission to encourage grassroots-led, sustainable development in Central America. Through her work with Casa Pueblito, Yamari co-planned and organized BAM 2017, an event that raised money to support our 2018 community development projects, and assisted in raising over $5000 through film screenings and other events to support Casa Pueblito’s projects. Yamari dedicates her time to raising awareness on issues of social justice and encourages others to raise their political consciousness regarding crucial issues facing Afro-Indigenous peoples and other marginalized populations in Nicaragua. Yamari has made a positive impact on both our community partners in Nicaragua and the local, Latinx community in Toronto. She was also a participant with MUJER, an organization that promotes the integral development of Latin American Women, emphasizing their rights and freedom.

Meet Telma Yamari Martin-Halsall, OCIC Global Changemaker Youth Ambassador 2018

Host David Peck, in conversation with OCIC’s Global Changemaker Youth Ambassadors will inspire you to get involved in moving the needle towards global social justice and sustainable change.

Art as Activism – Can meaningful change be created through art?

Change arises from within, and powerful manifestations of human emotion have been created through forms of art. Art, as a way of expressing yourself, and can plant the seed needed to start the meaningful change that is needed to challenge the structures of power that oppress. Art is truth, and truth is timeless, and that truth has empowered individuals from the past, but also the present and will empower future generations.

What does Solidarity mean to you?

Solidarity to me means true respect. Solidarity shifts structures of power that have been used to diminish the oppressed. If solidarity were a person, they would say, “I’m standing beside you. I’m walking with you.” Solidarity is a step towards liberation.

Is Innovation just a buzzword? If so, Why?

I can agree with the opinion that innovation is a buzzword, as the term has largely been adopted by corporations of our current generation. However, people from all walks of life, in different parts of the world for centuries have been innovating. Innovation is using creativity to solve problems that affect can affect not only an individual but a collective’s everyday lives. Innovation is meaningful, constructive change. I think that innovations arising from the desire to create positive change is worth buzzing about.

Yamari’s Book Recommendation

The revolution will not be televised by Gil Scott-Heron.

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Nominating Organization

Casa – Pueblito is a non-profit, international organization that facilitates community development and intercultural learning with a focus on youth in Canada and Latin America. We envision compassion and social justice across borders.