Earthquakes in Ecuador, Japan, Myanmar, India and Pakistan: OCIC Member Organizations and Colleagues Continue To Assist

Emergency response team amidst rubble and digging equipment after the Earthquake in Ecuador in April 2016.
Emergency response teams amidst rubble and digging machinery after the earthquake in Ecuador in April 2016.
Photo by Agencia Andes via Wikimedia Commons.

OCIC members and colleagues in the sector are supporting emergency relief operations after several strong earthquakes hit Ecuador, Japan, Myanmar, India and Pakistan, resulting in thousands of injuries, hundreds of deaths, and significant damage to buildings.

Appeals Launched

In response to the earthquakes, our members and colleagues have launched appeals and funding mechanisms to provide emergency relief assistance including medical aid, shelter, drinking water and sanitation assistance to affected people.

The following OCIC members were already working to support affected areas before the quakes hit and many are now accepting donations for relief efforts:

World Renew
Primates World Relief and Development Fund
Presbyterian World Service and Development
Development and Peace
Compassion Canada
Oxfam Canada
World Vision Canada
Canadian Red Cross
Save the Children Canada
International Development and Relief Foundation
ADRA Canada
World Animal Protection

Other organizations providing assistance include:
CARE Canada
Global Medic

The Humanitarian Coalition, comprised of five member agencies Care Canada, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam Quebec, Plan Canada and Save the Children Canada, is responding to the earthquake in Ecuador with a national joint appeal for essential donations.

As part of its commitment to international rapid response, the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada will provide an additional $900,000 in funding to help the communities most affected by the recent earthquake in Ecuador.

“Our thoughts are with the people affected and we encourage Canadians to contribute towards relief efforts” said Kimberly Gibbons, OCIC Executive Director. The Ontario Council for International Cooperation will continue to monitor the situation and communicate updates on this emergency to help promote cooperation and coordination among its members and partners.

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