Vision board party manisfestation

Event Summary

To arts based creativity to manifest ways with some that may align with ones values

Event Details

bipoc women and gender diverse priority

Grab uplifters, transformers, activists, showstoppers, trickersters for fun focused vision board reset and or if one is starting that practiceThe world is not what it used to be. Therefore, our mindsets have had to shift in order to continue evolving. With so many ideas resources it time to come back on journey to oneself


Can be done either by computer or good ol paper and magazine and fun conversations grab your favourite drinks, snack and friends create the change one wants to manifest!


Create the inspiration for your liberation! What we want to call in for new school year for some , and create online vision boards together. Some games, fun conversations, laughs in uplifting community aligned wisdom all can contribute or not share no worries! Feel free to send playlist requests and sing and dance!


Many may have ideas and to make it clear and specific may align with guidance not here to “help” guide to your specific desires!! (scrapbooking no need to buy new things at all using images, photos & words) of the life you intend to create for yourself see it to believe so called. It helps you to keep your goals to the forefront of your mind and serves as a reminder of what you truly want from your life.

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