Tribute to the Land Defenders

Event Details

Celebrate the life of those who were killed defending the natural resources of Mother Earth in Latin America and beyond, against mining, hydroelectric and agro-industries, among others. We also want to demonstrate our solidarity with those who have been criminalized for the same struggles.

* Kevhin Ramos (Honduras): Activist and Human Rights defender, currently writing for and working with the Association for Democracy and Human Rights in Honduras.
* Pedro Cabezas (El Salvador): Activist, currently a facilitator of the Central American Alliance Against Mining.
* Jennifer Mills (Toronto): Activist with MISN: Mining Injustice Solidarity Network, a grassroots Toronto-based activist group that agitates, educates, and advocates against mining injustice in Canada and globally.

When: Saturday, April 21st, 6pm
Where: 10 Trinity Sq, Toronto

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