Toronto’s Climate Optimists – Zero Waste Dinner

Event Summary

Come and join us for a night full of stories, inspiration, connection with other like-minded people, and a delicious Zero Waste dinner.

Event Details

The temperature is becoming cozy; trees are already changing colours and losing their leaves; as this gorgeous season invites us to slow down and reflect, we have prepared with lots of love for you a unique experience for our next Toronto Climate Optimists Zero Waste Dinner this October 28th!
Artist Marjan Verstappen and therapist Cordelia Huxtable have crafted a delightful creative experience as an antidote to eco-anxiety. It was designed to support you in processing your climate crisis feelings in connection with the community and the natural environment through art.
You can just read more and purchase your ticket here.
Early Bird & Special Price for our community: 20%OFF 
Use promo code: BEES-22
*Promo code valid until October 20th,2022
P.S. We are opening the tickets to the general public this Friday.
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