Money Talks Issue 4: Let’s Talk Foundations

In the previous Money Talks issues, we have covered fundraising strategies, methods on funder research, and grant proposal writing basics. The fourth and final issue serves as a continuation of our previous discussions, by focusing on the roles and funding mechanism of foundations.

Moving from a handbook-style approach, Money Talks Issue 4: Let’s Talk Foundations, aims to provide real life examples on grant-making processes and suggestions on grant-seeking best practices through a series of interviews and webinars. In this issue, we invite representatives from prominent foundations in Canada that have extensive experience working with nonprofits, charities and individuals to mobilize initiatives making a difference locally and globally. In the interviews and webinars, our guest speakers will join us to introduce their respective institutions, funding models, and grant cycles – including fund gathering, proposal call drafting, screening, and reporting mechanisms.

An additional focus will be on the rising significance and embodiment of the Agenda 2030, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and gender equality within Canada’s current funding landscape – How do foundations incorporate the SDGs in their funding calls, screening and reporting processes? How can grant-seekers demonstrate stronger understanding of the Agenda to better meet the mandates? And what roles do the foundations play in the Together for Gender Equality movements?

Money Talks Issue 4: Let’s Talk Foundations will continue the accessible language and nature of its predecessors. We hope the outputs will help Canadian nonprofits, charities, and individuals gain deeper understanding of the grantmaking sector and enhance their capacity to engage with foundations in the future. The issue will be published on an ongoing timeline throughout winter (January – March) 2019.