Celebrate International Development Week 2019: Together for Gender Equality

The theme ‘Together for Gender Equality,’ aimed to embody Canada’s commitment to the global effort to address gender inequality and encourages all Canadians to be change-makers in advancing gender equality in the world. OCIC collaborated in the following month-long series of activities and communications in Sarnia, Ottawa, Toronto, Peterborough and online.

City of Toronto Proclaims International Development Week 2019  [PDF / Word Doc]

Transformations Virtual and Physical Exhibit Launch at the Lawrence House Centre for the Arts, Sarnia – February 1                                    Transformations: Stories of Partnership, Resilience and Positive Change is a collaborative photojournalism initiative intended to increase dialogue and further understanding of local and international partnerships that address complex global challenges. Through individual and organizational stories we invite you to actively engage in a new narrative on partnerships, solidarity and sustainable change. OCIC’s Transformations Exhibit Launch is a part of Sarnia’s First Friday, in attendance were communities and their leaders, civil society organizations, and institutions across Ontario and around the world that are working together to support community-led development and a feminist, decolonized and more inclusive future. The stories presented were documented by OCIC and Allan Lissner, Praxis Pictures, in November and December 2018. For details on the program, click here.
Transformations Micro-Exhibit at the National Arts Centre Sectoral IDW Showcase Event, Ottawa- February 5
OCIC and 50+ international development and humanitarian organizations from across Canada celebrated #IDW2019 in Ottawa with music, spoken word, exhibits, workshops and interactive activities. OCIC’s ‘Transformations: Stories of Partnership, Resilience and Positive Change Micro-Exhibit’ was a part of the event.  For details on the program, click here.
CCIC Hill Day, Ottawa – February 5
Collaborative ‘Together for Gender Equality’ Panel at CSI Spadina, Toronto – February 6
This event held a conversation on women empowerment and leadership from around the world with testimonies from Cuso International, Crossroads International, Oikocredit Canada, CESO/SACO, EQWIP HUBs powered by Canada World Youth and Youth Challenge International and Engineers Without Borders Canada. The topic of the challenges of gender equality from Tanzania to Togo to Sénégal or Colombia were discussed. For details on the program, click here.
Transformations Micro-Exhibit and Dialogue at Centennial College, Toronto – February 7
At this event, Sherry Hornung, Deputy Director of the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) Unit at Global Affairs Canada spoke to students about her work. The talk was followed by the OCIC’s Transformations Initiative and presentations from the individuals and organizations featured in the exhibit. For details on the program, click here.
Together for Gender Equality: Strengthening Organizational Practice and Policies to Prevent and Address Sexual Misconduct’ Capacity-Building Event at Humber College, Toronto – February 8
OCIC and Humber College, in collaboration with the CCIC Steering Committee to Address and Prevent Sexual Misconduct, invited senior leaders to join a dialogue and capacity building event focused on supporting civil society organizations (CSOs) in addressing and preventing sexual misconduct.
For details on the program, click here.
Climate Action and Gender Equality Events with Project Drawdown at CSI Annex, Toronto – February 13
Project Drawdown’s 200 researchers and scientists from 22 countries have identified, researched and modeled the 100 most substantive, existing solutions to climate change and grouped them into seven sectors. Together, they reveal a path forward that can roll back global warming by 2050. Project Drawdown grouped three of its 100 solutions into the Women and Girls Sector. Drawdown Toronto, a project of Unify Toronto, OCIC and the Ryerson Leadership Lab presented an IDW event to expand our thinking on climate change solutions. For details on the program, click here.
OCIC Toronto Development Drinks at York University, Toronto – February 26
At this Toronto Development Drinks event organized in collaboration with Engineers Without Borders, Green Campus Cotton, Regenesis, World University Services of Canada, OPIRG at York, and Fairtrade Canada, participants learned more about social and environmental justice warriors, green initiatives on campus, and the work of  international development professionals, activists, students and enthusiasts in attendance. For details on the program, click here.
OCIC Ottawa Development Drinks at Royal Oak, Ottawa – February 27
OCIC Development Drinks Ottawa’s ‘Power, Values and Intentions: Recognizing and Mitigating Evaluation Biases in International Development’ event gathered participants to hear from Dr. Ruby Dagher on the intersection of power dynamics, values and best interests, and the implication for developing sustainable change as it relates to evaluation and true learning. For details on the program, click here.
Transformations Micro-Exhibit within the Kawartha World Issues Centre SDG Conference, Peterborough – February 28