Social Enterprise Officer

Position: Social Enterprise Officer

Employer: Good Neighbours Canada

Location: Scarborough, ON

Deadline: March 18, 2024

Employment Type: Employment

Position Level: Mid Level

Salary Range: $18ph

Closing Date: March 18, 2024

Full Description

Brief Description:

Good Neighbours Canada
Good Neighbours is an international humanitarian development non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in South Korea in 1991. After 5 years, we obtained consultative status with the United Nation’s Economic and Social Council (UNECOSOC). Good Neighbours Canada launched in March 2017 in London, Ontario, and moved to Scarborough in the GTA in 2022. Under the Good Neighbours’ international governance, we focus on fundraising, refugee and newcomer settlement programs, and global development campaigns to support field projects.

Good Neighbours Canada created and launched Goods4Causes, to reach our donors and supporters across Canada. Goods4Causes is a social enterprise which sells handmade items from international communities and local social enterprises in Ontario. It runs skills development workshops for local artisans to strengthen their handcraft small businesses, and subsequently support their socioeconomic stability. This is a space to showcase wonderful, handmade and sustainable products, as well as to help our local community and Canadian social enterprises.

The Social Enterprise Officer is responsible for the ongoing management and expansion of our Goods4Causes online platform, and other essential administrative tasks related to the program. The Social Enterprise Officer will engage in a team approach and thereby strengthen our organization's capacity as a whole.

Online and office Sales:
- Maintain the online sales platform by developing new product listings for new vendors.
- Optimize product visibility using strategic keyword placement and SEO techniques to enhance search engine performance.
- Analyze online sales trends, customer feedback, and market research to continually improve the online shopping experience.
Program development and management:
- Lead the strategic planning, goal-setting, communications planning, and implementation for the Goods4Causes program.
- Research and register for one-time and recurring artisan market appearances within Toronto and the GTA, and attend artisan markets for the sale of Goods4Causes products.
- Broaden sales opportunities for local vendors, including reaching out to vendors from equity-seeking or marginalized groups.
- Collaborate on grant proposals and identify angel investment opportunities for funding the development and expansion of the Goods4Causes program.
- Identify, coordinate, and liaise with international Good Neighbours offices and Canadian institutions for network expansion and managing Goods4Causes platforms.
- Manage the stock inventory, including regular auditing and replenishing of products.
Community support
- Develop the monthly program workshop schedule to support local Goods4Causes vendors to access opportunities to build their entrepreneurial and crafting skills.
- Promote the educational programs within the community, including those who would be eligible for Goods4Causes’s support, through community centres and direct liaison with partner social support agencies.
- Creation of advertising materials.
- Track and analyze advertisement performance to maximize return on investment.
- Promote the sales of Goods4Causes products through both online and offline channels, including e-commerce promotions and maximizing online shopping interest.
- Manage and develop the Goods4Causes social media platforms.
- Create marketing materials based on the vendor stories and successes of selling through Goods4Causes.
Volunteer management:
- Provide guidance and monitor the activities of volunteers for the Goods4Causes program.

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