Safeguarding and Complaints Coordinator

Position: Safeguarding and Complaints Coordinator

Employer: World Renew

Location: Burlington, ON

Deadline: October 8, 2019

Employment Type: Employment

Position Level: Mid Level

Salary Range:

Closing Date: October 8, 2019

Full Description

Brief Description:

Safeguarding and Complaints Coordinator

World Renew has recently passed a suite of safeguarding policies, including a Complaints Policy. This position will support the rollout of this policy across the breadth of organization. This will be done by building and strengthening capacity on complaints handling throughout the organization, including supporting safeguarding and complaints focal points in their role, handling investigations and reporting on complaints. The position will also handle complaints received at the home office level (Grand Rapids and Burlington) and coordinate all investigation processes.
**Note: This position is expected to last for 1 year.

1. Complaints Policy Compliance:
-Overseeing the implementation of the Complaints Policy, together with related procedures and guidelines, throughout the organization;
-Ensuring the communication of the key contents of the Complaints Policy, and other related policies, to all staff;
-Supporting and advising the Ministry Team Leaders on the establishment of relevant and contextualized complaints mechanisms in their regions.

2. Capacity Development:
-Developing training material appropriate for a variety of audiences including but not limited to; general orientation for new staff, Complaints Focal Points, Partners
-Strengthening capacity of key staff on complaints handling to enable effective response to complaints, with a focus on building the capacity of all Safeguarding and Complaints Focal Points;
-Providing ongoing support and advice to Safeguarding and Complaints Focal Points on handling complaints, in general and in specific cases as requested.
-Convene a denomination safeguarding learning group to surface existing practices among agencies, share resources and plan joint activities.
-Committing to ensure own capacity is developed and strengthened in the area of complaints handling by attending relevant training sessions on a regular basis and keeping abreast of latest developments in the sector in relation to complaints handling.

3. Handling Complaints:
-Handling complaints received at the Home Office by mail or through the email inbox in coordination with the Complaints Handling Committee;
-Coordinating the functions of the Complaints Handling Committee, including calling meetings when needed; preparing relevant documentation and recommendations for discussion on specific complaints cases and handling investigations;
-Ensuring all information related to complaints is well documented, including a log of complaints, and that all information is kept secure with access restricted to authorized personnel only;
-Referring reports related to safeguarding issues (eg related to children or vulnerable adults) that do not constitute a complaint against World Renew, its staff or partners, to the relevant authorities or to organizations with the relevant expertise as necessary.
-Ensure appropriate cover is in place for handling complaints when on leave or unavailable for more than two days.

4. Handling investigations:
-Coordinating all investigation processes, in coordination with the Complaints Handling Committee, including the timely appointment of investigation teams, support to the investigators where needed and enabling the presentation of the investigation team’s findings to the Hearing Committee.

5. Reporting and Learning:
-Compiling an annual complaints report for the Senior Management Team (CPAC), including a global summary of the number and type of complaints received, along with information, where relevant, about how the complaint was handled and what lessons have been learned;
-Ensuring that the annual complaints report is submitted to the Board of Directors and made publicly available on the World Renew website;
-Document feedback and learning on the Complaints Policy during implementation to inform future revisions to the policy and guidelines.

6. Perform other duties as assigned.

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The application deadline for this position is October 8, 2019.

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