Request for Proposals | Impact Storytelling Consultant (or Firm)

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Position: Impact Storytelling Consultant (or Firm)

Employer: Inter-Council Network (ICN)

Location: Remote

Deadline: January 4, 2022

Start Date: Early January 2023

Employment Type: Contract

Budget: The ICN can invest a maximum of $10,000 in this project. The concept note and budget should reflect to what extent the desired deliverables from Stage 1 and 2 below would be possible to achieve with the allocated budget.

Purpose: The ICN is seeking an external consultant or firm to assist us in communicating our purpose and impact to external stakeholders.

About the ICN: The Inter-Council Network (ICN) is a coalition of the eight Provincial and Regional Councils for International Cooperation. These independent member-based Councils are committed to global social justice and social change, and represent more than 350 diverse civil society organizations (CSOs) from across Canada. The ICN provides a national forum in which the Councils collaborate for improved effectiveness and identify common priorities for collective action. Rooted in communities across Canada, and operating in both official languages, we are leaders in public engagement at a local and regional level, and are recognized for bringing regional knowledge and priorities to the national level.

Background: The ICN programming has grown significantly over the past decade, especially since 2019 with the addition of two shared national programs. With increased audiences and attention on the network, the ICN has identified a need to better clarify and communicate to stakeholders who we are, how we work, and the impact we have, differentiating the work we do from other networks in the sector.

While our programming has changed and increased as needs have shifted, we have remained true to our core values, including but not limited to celebrating national diversity and regional perspectives, working in solidarity to centre grassroots voices, providing quiet and supportive backbone support to member organizations, and deepening our feminist, decolonial, and antiracists approaches to leadership and engagement.

We believe our values are our strength, and know if communicated more effectively, we would increase understanding and widen support for the impactful work of the network, councils, and their respective member organizations, committed to ensuring people everywhere can live a dignified life in peace, free of poverty.

Specific Request

Budget: The ICN can invest a maximum of $10,000 in this project. The concept note and budget should reflect to what extent the desired deliverables from Stage 1 and 2 below would be possible to achieve with the allocated budget.

Identified Need:

Stage 1: To be achieved by 31 March 2023
• A clear story of our vision and impact
• A ‘toolkit’ of digital assets to communicate this story more effectively to internal and
external audiences at various fora
• Strategy for ensuring the impact story remains centered as future needs, audiences, and
programs change

Stage 2: To be achieved by July 2023
• Refreshed website that reflects our story and impact, and allows for users to engage
with our current and future content and opportunities.

The consultant should submit the following:
• Maximum 2 page concept note. This concept note should
o Articulate the specific deliverables and approach that will be taken to achieve the outcomes
o The value and experience the consultant can bring to the process
o List any assumptions of internal support from the ICN (time, expertise, access to digital tools or resources) to ensure the completion of the deliverables on time and budget proposed.

• Budget:
o The consultant must provide a separate budget for Stage 1 and Stage 2.
o The budget must articulate any specific deliverables, level of effort, and daily/hourly rates
o Any costs for producing deliverables in EN and FR must be included in the budget – either as a separate line item, or clearly stated if this cost is included in the daily rate based on internal bilingual capacity.

• Additional Budget Addendum:
o Noting the current budget limitation, the consultant should also provide a costed vision of what more could be achieved in Stage 2 with additional budget.

• Work samples:
o The consultant should attach a pitch deck or work samples showcasing similar work in the past.

Desired Skills and Competencies
The ideal firm will have
• Demonstrated history in impact storytelling, communications and marketing, ideally in a non-profit setting
• Ability to move work forward in complex, multi-stakeholder environments where diversity of voices, ideas, and approaches are valued
• A clear organizational commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism
• Strong alignment to Cooperation Canada code of ethics, specifically section 6 on fundraising and communication principles.
• Ability to communicate with the ICN councils throughout the process in English and French.

How to submit
Must submit the concept note, budget, and any work samples to by Wednesday, January 4th 2023.
Feedback and selection will begin in early to mid January 2023.