Employment Training Advisor

Position: Employment Training Advisor

Employer: Cuso International

Location: El Alto, La Paz, Bolivia

Deadline: September 29, 2017

Employment Type: Volunteer

Position Level: Mid Level

Salary Range:

Closing Date: September 29, 2017

Full Description

Brief Description:

Join the Medioambiente y Desarrallo en Acción (ENDA) team in El Alto, Bolivia and empower youth in Bolivia!

In this brand-new partnership with Medioambiente y Desarrallo en Acción (Environment and Development in Action) or ENDA, you'll have first-hand experience in promoting and restoring the human rights of vulnerable girls and youth, some victims of violence or living on the streets and your support will hopefully take them out of these situations.

Your skills will be crucial in developing their socio-economic competencies, especially in the areas of employment, entrepreneurship and education for young women and girls in the workshops implemented by ENDA. You'll designing and implementing, in collaboration with your local colleagues, a training program for youth, boys and girls, that develop their employability abilities. You'll guide their participation at every stage of the training process, using gender empowerment and positive masculinities as a cross-cutting theme.

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