Communications Intern

Position: Communications Intern

Employer: World Renew

Location: Burlington, ON

Deadline: May 5, 2019

Employment Type: Internship

Position Level: Entry Level

Salary Range:

Closing Date: May 5, 2019

Full Description

Brief Description:

The intern will provide support to the World Renew Global Volunteer Program Team and CORE Canada Team by creating a timelapse video project at the All Ontario Youth Convention, complete research, organize photos and other communications projects as assigned.'

1. Learn and absorb:
a. Learn a basic history and terminology of World Renew (what we do, who staff are, what roles staff play, what World Renew’s vision and mission are, etc.)
b. Read assigned promotional materials, visit World Renew website, Youtube channel, and social media as assigned
c. Spend time in office and participate in office culture (prayer, chapel, breaks, etc.)
d. Gain knowledge of and experience in the functions of communications and marketing and public relations in a non-profit organization, including attending sub- and team meetings, and meeting regularly with global volunteer program manager for supervision
e. Meet with key World Renew staff across team functions to gain a balanced perspective of what it takes to operate this ministry
f. Attend the CORE Team face to face in June

2. Event Project
The intern will commit to spending the weekend of May 17th to May 20th with the CORE Canada Team at the All Ontario Youth Convention (approximately 40 hours). During the event the intern will create a time lapse video that will be shown on Monday morning during the main stage session. Other event tasks include:
a. Help World Renew staff set up event venue and scope out filming opportunities
b. Film students bringing donations to the main site, film the “Reach Out and Reach In” workshop sessions
c. During the weekend, edit daily footage and then create a final video to be shown Monday morning
d. Research and develop a web story focused on World Renew’s participation at All Ontario Youth Convention
e. Contact volunteers and other constituents as needed

3. Communication assignments:
The intern will assist the communications teams with various assignments as identified by the communication team.

4. Other duties as assigned

More information about this position, and the link to apply can be found at our website:
Interested candidates should apply on or before May 5, 2019.

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