Olivia Chow of the Institute for Change Leaders Training Organizers to Build Movements

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The Institute for Change Leaders (ICL) teaches the skills that organizers, activists and campaigners need to win social change. The core curriculum comes from Marshall Ganz, a Harvard professor who codified the relationship-building organizational framework they teach. The fundamentals of community organizing focuses on five key leadership practices: telling stories, building relationships, structuring teams, strategizing, and acting.
Join us for the following two webinars on Effective Lobbying and Deep Canvassing, both presented by Olivia Chow and the Institute for Change Leaders.

‍Effectively Lobbying your Elected Representatives- March 31
Join us to learn:
–    The difference between strategy and tactics
–    How to challenge the belief that knowledge equals action
–    Ways to track down power
–    Clarify the goal you want to accomplish in your lobbying efforts
–    Contact your MPP or MLA  (or other elected representatives) to get a response and a meeting
–    Prep for the meeting, who and what to bring. Define what is an effective “ask”.
–    Conduct the meeting and follow up.

Deep Canvassing Webinar- April 7
Join us to learn:
–    The difference between traditional and deep canvassing.
–     The best practices when it comes to canvassing, especially around an issue during an election.
–     Deep canvases are candid, two-way conversations where you ask people to share their relevant, emotionally significant experiences and reflect on them aloud.
–     In 2020 in the American election, 37,000 volunteers held more than 290,000 phone conversations in swing states and Georgia. These canvassers moved voters by more than 48 percent. In Georgia, the persuasion rate was more than 58 percent.

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