Loved. Appreciated. Valued: A Night for the Children

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International Teams (iTeams) Canada is unique from the other organizations because of the way that we approach international development. Rather than going into a country to do development work on behalf of the people, we instead partner with already existing local organizations that are led and steered by the visionary local leaders. iTeams then comes alongside them to partner and assist in anyway that the local organization requests. Currently, we have partnerships with about 16 communities spreading across 13 countries. In Kenya we support 2 organizations – Shangilia Children’s Home and Pan African Christian Exchange (PACE) Ministries.

Shangilia Children’s Home is based in Kisumu, Kenya and currently takes care of about 64 orphaned, abandoned and/or neglected children. They provide each child with parental love and care while also catering to their holistic needs. At Shangilia Children’s Home emphasize is put on the importance of education as a step towards independence and self-sufficiency, and ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty.

PACE runs a school that caters to about 400 children from Nursery to High School. What’s unique about PACE is that they seek to mend the cultural and tribal issues that have plagued Kenya for many years. The goal is to have representation from all of the 44 tribes of Kenya, so that children can grow up alongside other children from outside their tribes and learn to love and respect each other the same. PACE’s reach has also began to extend outside of Kenya and to other countries in the Horn of Africa. Currently, they have students from 12 of the 25 countries on the Eastern Seaboard.

On January 4, we will be hosting a Benefit Dinner to celebrate and support the work of organizations such as Shangilia and PACE. Join us for
“Loved. Appreciated. Valued: A Night for the Children”

Throughout the night, you will get the chance to hear more about our time in Kenya and learn about the various ways that Shangilia and PACE are impacting their communities. But what’s a dinner without good food? Come ready to eat and enjoy the company of the other guests who are equally passionate about supporting Kenyan organizations that are creating change.

Please head over to to buy your tickets today!

If you would still like to support Shangilia and PACE but are unable to attend the Benefit Dinner, don’t worry you still can! You can make a donation at

This holiday season, let us show the children of Shangilia Children’s Home and PACE that they too are Loved, Appreciated and Valued. I look forward to seeing you all on January 4th! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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