Linda Bui, OCIC Global Changemaker Youth Ambassador 2018

Age: 22 | City: Brampton | Partners For A Better World: Brampton’s Environmental Advisory Committee (BEAC), World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW), the Inaugural Citizen-based Community Grants Committee, CCDS’ Executive Committee, Plan Canada Youth Advisory Council

“Our world is an interconnected ecosystem with a very real butterfly effect”

Linda Bui, is the co-founder of the Girls Empowerment Movement and is a motivated and passionate Changemaker engaged in a number of programs and initiatives relating closely to the themes of innovation toward environmental sustainability, gender equality, innovation, and community-based peace-building & reconciliation. In her role as a QE Scholar within the Center for Critical Development Studies University of Toronto Scarborough, Linda continues to engage with the community around her through a wide range of activities and is an active student leader and peer mentor. Linda exemplifies the values of an engaged Global Changemaker who has presented at international gatherings in Canada, South Korea, and Sweden. Linda has collaboratively worked on numerous projects, including as the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and the Communications and Marketing Officer for the Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (WEP) in Sri Lanka through the World University Service of Canada (WUSC).

Meet Linda Bui OCIC Global Changemaker Youth Ambassador 2018

Host David Peck, in conversation with OCIC’s Global Changemaker Youth Ambassadors will inspire you to get involved in moving the needle towards global social justice and sustainable change.

Why should youth care about sustainable development and gender equality?

Our world is an interconnected ecosystem with a very real butterfly effect. This means that for all issues, whatever they may be – sustainability, gender, etc. – will touch each of our lives somehow. So, if each of us has the opportunity is able to contribute positively, whatever it may be, this will have an impact on not only our lives but our communities too.

How do we smash the patriarchy?

We do so by not only increasing female representation in high-level leadership roles across industries and eliminate the wage gap but to also ensure critical and inter-sectional feminist principles and approaches are the norm in policy and program developments. The negative consequences of a longstanding patriarchal society can only be addressed through systemic changes in improving all spheres of life for all individuals.   

Linda’s take on innovation

Innovation to me does not only encompass technical advances or solutions to solve problems, but expanding our acceptance of different ways of knowing or doing things. Diversifying our understanding allows for the inclusion of underrepresented voices and ideas to then in turn, inform more encompassing approach(es).

Linda’s Book Recommendation

Jennifer Clapp’s book, Food, has greatly broadened my understanding of our global and local food systems!

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Nominating Organization

The Centre of Critical Development Studies community is committed to teaching and research in development studies that contributes to an understanding and mitigation of processes, policies, and practices that reproduce conditions of poverty, inequality, and oppression around the world. Our approach is ‘critical’, grounded in historically-informed cross-disciplinary research, pedagogy, and dialogue with a central focus on the poor and less powerful majority who find themselves most adversely affected by exclusionary power relations and practices.