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Featured Webinar Series:

OCIC and renowned data illustration expert Ann K. Emery hosted a free, three-part capacity-building webinar series designed to improve your ability to demonstrate the impact of your work. The series covered topics such as using simple Excel tools for data analysis, data visualization planning and easy design tips for reports, social media, and dashboards, amongst others. Click below to learn more:

More Than Words: Illustrating Data Webinar Series with data illustration expert Ann K. Emery. Double arrows in orange pointing right: www.ocic.on.ca/morethanwords. To the right is an icon depicting a green laptop with three bars on the screen, ascending in height shortest left, tallest on the right. The rightmost bar is in orange, and the others are the same green as the laptop.

Excelling with Analysis and Visualization – A Practical Guide for Dealing with Data Toolkit – Prepared by Ann Emery
Learn how to do data analysis and create stunning data visualization using simple tools like Excel.

Financing for Monitoring & Evaluation Toolkit – Prepared by Silva Sedrakian
Learn how to budget for Monitoring and Evaluation by building it into your program planning.

Focusing on Focus Groups Toolkit – Prepared by Faisal Islam
Focus Groups may seem simple, but there is an art to getting them right. Use this toolkit to fine tune your Focus Group skills.

Featured Interactive Activity:
Monitoring Versus Evaluation – Do you understand the difference? Test your knowledge here

Facilitated Training for Ontario Non Profits:
If you are part of an Ontario-based non-profit, you can also register for OCIC’s IMPACT Monitoring and Evaluation Training. More details below.

IMPACT was OCIC’s three-course training initiative that built organizational capacity to better conceive, conduct, and communicate the impact of sustainable international cooperation and community development initiatives.

IMPACT’s online learning streams helped Ontarian non-profits improve their understanding of comprehensive program evaluation, increase their ability for monitoring and assessing progress, and strengthened their capacity for analyzing and communicating results.

Click here to learn more.